BabyAmericano Company

BabyAmericano offers complete packages of services related to the process Childbirth in miami of pregnancy and planning. From professional services delivery, personalized healthcare to in- vitro fertilization in Florida. BabyAmericano  will make you forget all worries and assist them with their doubts, we handle it for you. From the initial consultation to the farewell at the airport. All questions of technical or health organization will be resolved by our professionals.

BabyAmericano integrates the best clinics and doctors in Miami. Hospitals in the United States have created wonderful conditions for mothers and newborns . Choosing our company for logistics and monitoring of pregnancy in the United States is essential for peace of mind. This way you can relax and enjoy a happy pregnancy .

Child Birth Packages

We have created 6 tailored birth packages just for you!

Personalized Services

We offer a la carte packages, we cover every aspect from a to z.


We handle every aspect of the documentation, so you can focus on your delivery.

Top Hospitals

We work with the best hospitals, clinics and medical centers in South Florida.


We are aware of the responsibility that lies with us when we engage with the birth of their son / daughter in the United States. The services provided by our company are of the highest quality and professionalism.


All medical services , including delivery in the United States , are provided only by those medical specialists who obtained his medical degree in the United States.


Our company professionally handles the process of organization and logistics of all births in the United States, mainly in Miami , Florida.


The resolution of all organizational matters,personal,technical and of course medical, will be the responsibility of our team from the moment of signing the contract.

Meet Our Doctors

We are glad to introduce our certified Doctors.
Daniel Levin M.D
Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Benefits and Advantages

We are glad to introduce our professional staff. Qualified and well-educated teachers will turn the educational process to the great and fun holiday for your children!

Dual Citizenship

Advantages of US Citizenship

Every woman dreams of a beautiful future to provide your child , give him a good education and create better conditions for life. When the expectant mother decides to give birth in the US, it is already taking the first steps in achieving these important goals

Childbirth in miami

Childbirth In Miami

The Advantage of Births in Miami

With the highest certifications of doctors and their staff we offer high quality services. With the most modern equipment you can have full confidence. ( You will be constantly informed about what is going on with you and your child. Our doctors will explain each step and action) …

Exceptional Hospitals

We work with most of the well-know hospitals in South Florida

Contact Us

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    • Voronezh (Russia),
    • 25b Fridriha Angelca street, suite 204
    • +7 (960) 116 19 51
    • Skype:BabyAmericano



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If you still have any questions, please contact us. Fill the form, send the message and we will answer or call you back as soon as possible.

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